Blueberry Lemon Energy Bites

July 28, 2017


If you grew up in the era of Land Before Time, then you may remember Ducky’s line, “Don’t step on the crack or else you’ll fall and break your back!” Well, there is one thing for sure– I stepped on a LOT of cracks in my day!

Last week, I was vacuuming, yes, VACUUMING, and got the sudden feeling I knew too well. My. Back. Hurt. I was just trying to tidy up the house, and a minor movement set things into the wrong direction and there I was, again, on my back, and not feeling so great at all. Continue Reading

No Bake Maple Almond Mocha Cheesecake Cups

July 24, 2017


Thank you so much La Terza Coffee for sponsoring this post! I hope that you grow to love this company as much as I do! 

If you weren’t around for my first round of Coffee Talk, a series I have partnered up with a local coffee roasterie in town, La Terza Roasterie, then you already have learned a lot. If you were not, check it out here.

Today I am bringing the next installment, Coffee Talk: Part II: The Golden Rule. Continue Reading

Dairy Free Peanut Butter Swirl Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bars

July 21, 2017


Now THAT is a mouthful! But I had to give all the details!

Last week I brought you my first installment of #FrozenFridays and this Friday, by the skin of my teeth almost, I will bring you part 2! How many Fridays are there in a year? If I am correct there are 52. So does that mean we get to celebrate every week? Well I say yes! I mean, I scream, yes!! ( Get it?) Continue Reading

Baked Pasta with Spinach + Mushrooms

July 17, 2017


I have some really amazing readers. And it seems that just in the right moment, I get a message or a little bit of encouragement from them that helps me along my own journey. I have had numerous emails, comments, text messages, you name it that have turned my entire day, even week around. And I had one of these messages just the other day.

It all started with a craving for cottage cheese… Continue Reading

Dairy Free Lemon + Toasted Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches

July 14, 2017


Happy Friday, or should I say #FrozenFriday! I have been waiting for this day, literally as I have been so excited to share this recipe as well as all of the amazing recipes from some pretty amazing food loving bloggers out there. 

I am joining forces with SO Delicious and Alisa over at Go Dairy Free and taking part in probably the tastiest recipe contest out there. And I will tell you, taste testing in the kitchen was far from tough! And you can be a part of this contest and win some tasty treats as well! Just follow this link for more information. 

I was given the task of creating a completely dairy free and vegan frozen treat. To be honest, the options are infinite in this department. I still have a few more that you will see down the road but these Lemon + Toasted Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches were the winners according to my taste buds as well as the husband who is not a fan of coconut, or so he seems to keep saying and then loving things with coconut…. Hmmmmm.

Continue Reading

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